After an apparent helicopter crash you are left to survive in a strange post-apocalyptic world. Here you will have to deal with bandits, monsters and other ne'er-do-wells while you explore the war-torn surroundings. In the meantime you are being watched by a mysterious cult which believes you might be their saviour. They're probably wrong though.


Parafractum is a 2D platform game set in a procedurally generated world. Go wherever you want in a vast world which is different every time you play. Find and collect loot to customize and enhance your character. Trade with, threaten or fight survivors to get what you need. Beat permadeath, by unlocking checkpoints and new features for future playthroughs. Uncover the many secrets this world has to offer and destroy a great evil within - alone, or with a friend.


Parafractum offers a large world for you to explore, which is different every time you play. There are many different environments, each with it's own enemies, challenges and secrets. As in the universally accepted reality, Parafractum has a day-night cycle. When night falls and the creatures of the night awaken and traps become harder and harder to see the world becomes even more dangerous. But some say treasure glows in the dark.

Collect loot to customize and enhance your character!

Parafractum offers a large collection of armors and weapons which will help you survive the dangerous post-apocalyptic world. They can be found in hidden treasures and on your enemies or bought from traders. Some items can be used to craft new weapons and armor or fortify your equipment. Now don't you look dashing? Be careful you don't lose it all....

Be careful you don't lose it all....

Parafractum incorporates permadeath. If you die, you will have to start over. Every playthrough will be different though, as the world changes every time you play. Also, there will be opportunities to help your future self by, for example, unlocking checkpoints or passing on some items.

Want to play it safe? Bring a friend into danger! Parafractum offers local co-op (No plans for online co-op atm) for 2 players. Two is better than one they say, except when it comes to division.

Advanced loot sharing

Release Info

Parafractum will be released for Linux, Mac and Windows.
Release date : TBA

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